Sandro Livio Straube, born in 1992 in Zurich, is a Swiss architect, photographer, and artist. He seamlessly blends architectural, artistic, and photographic themes in his work, where the distinctions between these disciplines are fluid and indefinable. After completing his studies at ETH Zurich and gaining experience in various architectural studios and 2020 he became self-employed. Since then, he has been represented by Galerie94, and his photographic work has been featured in numerous magazines and exhibitions. Since 2021, he has served as a diploma assistant at Studio Boltshauser. He is actively engaged in the long-term photographic series "Berge bleichen" about the Val Lumnezia, creates photographs for various architects, and participates in architectural competitions. He lives and works in Vella and Lumbrein, Graubünden.

EXHIBITIONS 2020 Berge bleichen, Galerie 94, Baden
2020 Photo Basel mit Berge bleichen , Basel CH
2020 Photo Basel mit Floating Memories, Basel CH
2020 Photo LA mit Berge bleichen, Los Angeles ,USA
2020 Photo Basel/ Berlin mit Berge bleichen, Berlin 
2020 Photo Basel, Virtual Edition 2.0
2021 Rotterdam Photo Festival 2021 mit Berge bleichen
2021 “WATER”, Galerie 94, Baden
2021 il luf el visier digl art | der Wolf im Visier der Kunst ,Casa d’Angel, Lumbrein
2021 Photo Basel, Basel CH
2022 Berge. Doppelausstellung mit Zak van Biljon, Galerie 94, Baden
2022 Photo Basel, Basel CH
2022 OVRAS, Casa d’Angel, Lumbrein
2022 “wild”, Kunstzeughaus Rapperswil
2022 ArtSalon Zürich
2023 Photo Basel, Basel
2024 HeHe!, Casa d’Angel, Lumbrein
2024 Photo Basel, Basel
2024 diffus, Galerie 94, Baden

PRIZES & AWARDS 2020 2. Preis an den Portfolio Reviews, Helsinki Fotofestival 2020
 2020 Gewählt für das Hauptprogramm am Rotterdam Photo Festival 2021
 2021 Gewinner eines Merit Scholarship, Charcoal Bookclub, Chico Reviews
 2021 Shortlisted für den VFG-Foto-Award

2020 analog magazine, Berge bleichen, Interview, online
2020 Phases Magazine, Berge bleichen, online
2020 fstopmagazine, Berge bleichen, online
2020, Berge bleichen, online
2020 Don’t Take Pictures, Berge bleichen, Week 14, online
2020 Kulturtipp, Berge bleichen, Mai Ausgabe, print & online
2020 Kunstbulletin, Berge bleichen, Ausgabe 6, print & online
2020 Float Photo Magazine, Berge bleichen, online
2020 BROAD, Berge bleichen, online
2020 ZOOM Magazine, ISSUE 259, Berge bleichen, print
2020 The Guardian, Foto Basel/ Berlin, online
2020, Foto Basel/ Berlin, online
2020 Dodho, Berge bleichen, online
2020 C41 Magazine, Berge bleichen, online
2020 PHROOM Magazine, Berge bleichen, online
2021 urbainable stadthaltig, Zementfabrik Brunnen, print
2021 PANORAMA, Berge bleichen, online
2021 NZZ am Sonntag, Aus Boden gestampft – Lehm als ökologisches Baumaterial, online & print
2021 Fujfilm CH, Berge bleichen, Interview, online
2021 Archithese Swiss Performance, 1.2021, S. 60-65, Mit vereinten Kräften, print
2021 Sonntagszeitung, Starker Auftritt für ein Bürobau, online & print
2022 Divisare, Boltshauser Architekten - Kiln Tower for the brickworks museum, online
2022 Casabella, Boltshauser Architekten - Kiln Tower for the brickworks museum, print
2022 PHOTOGRAPHIE, Berge bleichen, online
2022 THE BASEL PORTFOLIOS, Berge bleichen, online
2023 Filmeinwurf, Berge bleichen, Interview, online

PUBLICATIONS 2023 Chico review catalogue, buy here